The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance


The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance, or AIPEG, is a joint Government of Indonesia and Government of Australia program with the goal of strengthening economic governance in Indonesia.  Australia and Indonesia have worked collaboratively in the area of economic governance since the late 1990s.

AIPEG activities are focused on improved economic governance around a theme of enhanced economic competitiveness and strengthened institutions with the goal of higher, more sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. The AIPEG program will run from 1 December 2009 to 30 June 2017.

Support from AIPEG is delivered through the following engagements:

Finance – preserving and improving the stability and development of Indonesia’s financial sector, as well as its supervision and regulation.

Markets – promoting productivity-enhancing reforms through improvements in market efficiency, reducing the cost of doing business, and participating in global value chains.

Spending – improving the public spending system through better budget frameworks, effective policy and reform implementation, and in spending delivery.

Revenue – boosting government revenue and improving the business climate through improved revenue policies and administrative reform.

AIPEG has an economics advisory team that works with senior Government of Indonesia partners in providing high level economic analysis and policy advice.

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